Pompeii Herculaneum Gate. East (Nord) side of Via dei Sepolcri.  

Plan of tombs, Villa delle Colonne a Mosaico and properties.

HGE01 HGE02 HGE03 HGE04 HGE05 HGE06 HGE07 HGE08 HGE09 HGE10 HGE11 Pompeii Villa of the Mosaic Columns or Villa delle Colonne a Mosaico    Click Here HGE15 HGE16 HGE17 HGE18 HGE19 HGE20HGE21HGE22HGE23HGE24HGE25HGE26HGE27HGE28HGE29HGE30HGE31HGE32HGE33HGE34HGE35 HGE37 HGE36 HGE38 HGE39 HGE40HGE41HGE42HGE43 HGE20a HGE13 HGE14 HGE07a HGE15a HGE39A HGE44 HGE45 HGEast

Pompeiiinpictures plan of the shops, villas and tombs outside the Herculaneum Gate at Pompeii on the East or Nord (north) side of Via dei Sepolcri.

Each entrance has a specific page on our site with information and photographs.

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Eschebach referred to this as the east side of the Via dei Sepolcri.

Kockel refers to it as Nord (north) and there are small differences in numbering.

See Kockel V., 1983. Die Grabbauten vor dem Herkulaner Tor in Pompeji. Mainz: von Zabern.

Each of our pages contains both references.


Villa of the Mosaic Columns Villa of the Mosaic Columns or Villa delle Colonne a Mosaico

HGE01  Sepolcro in costruzione. Tomb of two unknown people

HGE02  Tomb of T. Terentius Felix Maior

HGE03  Unnamed tomb

HGE04  Unnamed tomb

HGE05  Tomb of N. Curtius N. F. Spurianus?

HGE06  Tomba della ghirlande, tomb of the garland

HGE07  Unnamed tomb

HGE07a Unnamed Samnite burial   

HGE08  Tomba del vaso di vetro blu. Tomb of the blue glass vase

HGE09  Tomb or cenotaph of an unknown person or a public seat. Emiciclo con nicchia / Sedile pubbliche

HGE10  Workshop and dwelling

HGE11  Shop or cartwright’s workshop

HGE12  Villa of the Mosaic Columns or Villa delle Colonne a Mosaico

HGE13  Shop

HGE14  Shop

HGE15  Garden entrance to Villa of Mosaic Columns

HGE15a Samnite graves in Villa of Mosaic Columns

HGE16  Thermopolium

HGE17  Shop

HGE18  Shop

HGE19  Shop or statio mulionum (mule drivers station)

HGE20  Shop

HGE20a Three Basins or cisterns

HGE21  Shop

HGE22  Shop

HGE23  Shop

HGE24  Shop

HGE25  Shop

HGE26  Shop

HGE27  Shop

HGE28  Shop (or stable?)

HGE29  Potter's Workshop

HGE30  Potter's Workshop

HGE31  Nine simple burials, Samnite, Roman or both

HGE32  Seven graves.

HGE33  Grave of an unknown person. Ustrinum? Unfinished grave?

HGE34  Tomb with the marble door. Tomb of Lucius Caltilius L. L. Pamphilus and Servilia. Tomba con sotterraneo.

HGE35   - Unfinished grave

HGE36  Unfinished grave of an unknown person

HGE37  Tomb of the Allei. Tomb of M. Alleius Luccius Libella and M. Alleius Libella

HGE38  Tomb of M. Popidius. Tomb of L. Ceius Labeo or Sepolcro di Labeone.

HGE39  Tomb of the Cei? Nameless tomb?

HGE39a Tomb of the Cei? Nameless tomb?

HGE40  Nameless tomb? Tomb of Salvius. Tomba del fanciullo Salvio

HGE41  Tomb of Numerius Velasius Gratus. Tomba del piccolo, o del fanciullo, Grato.

HGE42  Tomb of M. Arrius M. L. Diomedes. Tomb of M. Arrius Primigenius, Arriae M. L. Utili and Arrius Hermes. Sepolcro degli Arrii o di famiglia Arria.

HGE43  Tomb of P. Sittius Diophantus? Tomb of the Arria.

HGE44  Tombe a capuccina. Two Samnite graves excavated in 1961.

HGE45  Two Samnite graves excavated in 1979.


Pompeii HGW  Pompeii Herculaneum Gate West side



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